The CCA - CFIB Partnership

Membership with the Canadian Carwash Association, includes a free membership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). CCA members save at least $363.00, which is the minimum cost of membership if they were to sign up for a membership separately with the CFIB.

With 97,000 members, the CFIB is Canada’s largest association dedicated to increasing the odds of success for business owners. All CCA members can enjoy exclusive CFIB savings on essential business services like payment processing, banking, shipping and payroll processing.

As a large member- based organization, CFIB is able to leverage significant discounts for their members, usually only available to larger corporate companies. This means that small or medium-sized businesses can take advantage of this special pricing.

One of the CFIB’s most popular services is access to business counsellors. They will help solve your individual business challenges by answering questions, and even conduct research on your behalf. Don’t miss out on getting advice on virtually any Human Resources, compliance or business issue!

CFIB is also a major advocate for independent business owners across Canada, and they represent businesses and keep business owners up to date on legislation and important changes that affect independent business owners. They have a strong voice at all levels of government, and by being a member of CFIB, they are able to better represent your business and make your voice heard.

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