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The Canadian Carwash Association works with a number of external organizations to add value to its existing offerings and to benefit CCA members.

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Membership with the Canadian Carwash Association, includes a free membership to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). This saves our members a minimum of $363.00, which is the minimum cost of membership if they were to sign up for a membership separately with the CFIB.

With 110,000 members, the CFIB is Canada’s largest association dedicated to increasing the odds of success for business owners. All CCA members can enjoy exclusive CFIB savings on essential business services like payment processing, banking, shipping and payroll processing. One of the CFIB’s most popular services is access to business counsellors. They will help solve individual business challenges by answering questions, and even conduct research on members' behalf.

CFIB is also a major advocate for independent business owners across Canada, and they represent businesses and keep business owners up to date on legislation and important changes that affect independent business owners. They have a strong voice at all levels of government, and by being a member of CFIB, they are able to better represent  business owners across Canada.

The CCA has partnered with The Canadian Spinal Research Organization as its chosen charity.

The CSRO is dedicated to the funding of targeted research to maximize functional recovery and cure paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. Over half of all spinal cord injuries are caused by motor vehicle crashes.

Through the CCA Golf Tournament, and the Car Wash for a Cure, the CCA joins other community partners in raising awareness and funds for this important cause.

Established over 100 years ago, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) has a proven history of helping Ontario employers make their workplaces safer.

As Ontario's largest and longest-serving health and safety association, WSPS (and before 2010, the three organizations that came together to form it) has long advocated for legislative change to protect workers. This advocacy can be traced back to a number of pieces of legislation that were passed throughout the 1900s to spell out the duties of employers in different sectors, to protect workers. For example:

  • 1968: The First Employment Standards Act was established.
  • 1978: Ontario passed the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OH&S Act) enshrining the three key rights of workers in law.

Incredible strides in workplace health and safety have taken place since 1917. Since then, WSPS has been an active agent of change as a provider of innovative, impactful solutions, and has acted as an advocate on behalf of their member firms.

Since 2002, Lost-time injury rates in Ontario have declined across the three sectors:

  • Agriculture by 48%
  • Manufacturing by 68%
  • Services by 59%

Today, WSPS serves 171,000 member firms representing four million employees throughout Ontario. While their name has changed over the years, their commitment to eliminating all work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities among Ontario workers has not.

WSPS has evolved in how they serve as a health and safety association for Ontarians, and they will continue to evolve. What remains constant is their unwavering commitment to helping build and expand a successful, growing, and vibrant health and safety system that truly reflects the needs of workplaces across Ontario.

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CCA and the WaterSavers Alliance Program

The Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) is a partner of the International Carwash Association (ICA) through their WaterSavers® program. CCA members are eligible to participate in the ICA WaterSavers® program as part of a WaterSavers® Alliance which offers CCA members access to the program at the ICA member rate of $129 US (annual fee). Nearly 900 ICA and CCA member locations across the United States and Canada are already enrolled in WaterSavers®.

The CCA WaterSavers® Alliance relationship was built to further promote the benefits of the carwash industry as the green alternative to driveway and lot washing. The CCA’s involvement in the program is a reflection of the Canadian carwash industry's commitment to water conservation and quality. The CCA is proud to partner with ICA, along with three other associations: Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association, Southeastern Car wash Association and Western Carwash Association.

Longtime CCA member Nathan Ewing says-

"By purchasing and prominently displaying the WaterSavers® signage, carwashes now have a new way to promote the environmental benefits of professional carwashing to their customers. The formation of the new North American alliance brings our industry together to further educate consumers and to support water conservation initiatives that protect and preserve our rivers and lakes."

In order to participate in WaterSavers®, CCA member carwashes must implement water management best practices. Requirements include water recycling or a maximum use of 40 gallons per car, maintaining maximum efficiency of water saving devices and spray nozzles, and protection of our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans by controlled discharge of waste water to municipal water treatment facilities, or as required by local ordinance.

To sign up for the WaterSavers Alliance program contact ICA and tell them you’re a member of CCA to get the discount.

CCA participants will be included in the program's online directory of locations and afforded exclusive access to WaterSavers® marketing materials. WaterSavers® combines the value of a credible, recognized brand with local promotional efforts to educate consumers and water authorities of the environmental benefits of professional car washing.

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