Why Join The Canadian Carwash Association?

Join Canada’s only association dedicated to the Canadian Carwash industry! The Canadian Carwash Association is dedicated to sharing knowledge and best practices, as well as to promoting the benefits of professional car washing in Canada.

By joining CCA, you join a group of passionate and committed people who:

  • Participate in the bi-annual CARWACS tradeshow
  • Learn through attending and delivering education events
  • Volunteer to run social events for our members
  • Advocate for high standards in car washing
  • Help one another make better business decisions

Some of the features and benefits that your CCA membership provides you are:


  • The CCA Communique, our bi-weekly newsletter, offers CCA updates, as well as timely industry-specific news.

Information on How to Get Started in the Industry

  • The CCA Starter Carwash Toolkit provides key information for business owners and prospective business owners looking to get started in the industry.

Business Resources and Professional Guidance

  • A joint-membership with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) brings a host of benefits including: access to free business counsellors, free courses (such as WHMIS),  HR templates, exclusive deep discounts ( banking, shipping, payroll) to various services like reduced credit card processing rates and much more.

Market Research

  • The opportunity to participate in the Wash Volume Report Program with access to current market data for carwashes across Canada. This detailed report is free for those who participate in the program. There is no additional cost to join.

Member Insurance for Carwash Professionals

  • A Carwash Insurance Program with CCA supporter and partner BrokerLink, that is specifically built for Carwash Owners; one that advocates on your behalf and knows the needs and challenges of your business.


  • Online education covering compliance, shipping, insurance and other relevant topics to Carwash Owners.
  • The biannual CARWACS tradeshow, a networking and professional development opportunity, that brings together industry professionals and shares current industry best practices.

Competitive Member Rates and Discounts

  • From credit card processing to shipping, to accounting services and more, our partnerships have leveraged some of the biggest discounts.
  • Many of the discounts you are entitled to are part of your CFIB membership, which comes free of charge with your CCA membership.
Connection with other CCA Members
  • When you join CCA, you have access to the online member directory, which is made up of operators and suppliers to the industry.
  • You can connect in person at events through our conference and social events
  • Local small events allow you to network and share best practices in an informal learning setting


  • A listing on the supplier page (for supplier members); the most visited page on the CCA website.
  • A spot in our online carwash directory/
  • The opportunity to host webinars or become a CCA sponsor.

What Type of Member are you?

New to the industry (don’t own a wash yet) - $395.00 

CCA Operator Membership - $395.00 (plus $49.00 per additional site)

CCA Supplier Membership - $445.00 

All membership costs are on an annual basis. For any membership-related inquiries, please contact membership@canadiancarwash.ca.

CCA Sponsorship Program

CCA offers a number of sponsorship opportunities to get your business in front of members and people who attend CCA events, and those accessing the CCA website for information.

For more information on the sponsorship program click here.

CCA Customer Connect Brand Trial Program

Would you like to partner with some of the world’s biggest brands? Brands that will give your customers a positive and memorable experience. CCA Customer Connect specializes in car wash sampling programs, also known as Brand Trial Program. Like grocery store sampling, Brand Trial Programs puts products in the hands of valuable target customers while generously compensating car wash operators.

Register today and look forward to:

  • Generous compensation for granting access to your car wash facility

  • Valuable customer data to use in your marketing strategies

  • Positive brand association whereby your car wash receives a reputational boost simply by partnering with trusted and recognized brands

Learn more and register for your chance to enhance your car wash experience.

Contact Us: 

Canadian Carwash Association, 3228 Service Road, Suite 109, Burlington, ON L7N 3J6


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