Supporting Charities Through Car Washes

The CCA is here is to assist Carwash Operators that decide to support charity groups in their community.

If you wish to be involved in assisting one or more charitable groups in your community, then there are negotiations which need to take place including the scope, parameters and timing for the event. The carwash owner must decide how much support to provide and the type of event they can accommodate.

Here is a basic decision tree providing some of the options available for Operators to offer charities.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Will the event be onsite at the carwash operator’s location, or off site, or a combination of the two?
  • If onsite, then do you want just to provide a washing offer or only allow the group to be involved with other services? Other services may include providing drink and/or food, or even ancillary options to the carwash, site such as drying, vacuuming, cleaning windows and/or waxing?

Deciding whether to do it on or offsite? Each option has pros and cons that must be considered. The following two diagrams illustrate some of considerations for onsite and offsite events.

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