The Carwash Toolkit: Getting Started

Intended for those new to the industry looking to either build a carwash or purchase an existing site, the 31-page document provides an overview of the Canadian industry, what is required for a site, cost estimates and more. The document is equally valuable for existing carwash operators to help in evaluating their own sites against best practices.

Below is an outline of the Getting Started Toolkit which you can download in the member-only resources section or purchase from our online store.

Table of Contents:

Canadian Carwash Industry Overview

Industry Success Factors 1

Disclaimer and Terms of Use 1

Copyright Notice 2

Types of Carwashes

1. The Self-Serve Wash 3

2. The Rollover (In-Bay Automatic) Wash 6

3. The Tunnel (Conveyor) Wash 6

4. The Automatic Debate: Touch versus Touchless/Tunnel versus Rollover 7

5. Other types of Carwashes 9

6. Combo Wash Sites 10

What Makes for a Great Carwash Site?

How Do I Get Started? 12

Basic Land Requirements 14

Steps to Take: 14

Site Analysis and Considerations before Purchasing 15

The Offer 16

General Tips

Zoning Matters 17

Environmental Concerns 18

Impact Studies 18

Feasibility Study 18

Staffing 18

The Competition 19

Purchasing an Existing Carwash Site

What to Look For 20

Verifying Revenue 21

Estimating Building Costs, Operating Costs and Revenue

Building Cost 24

Annual Operating Expenses 24

Estimating Revenue 25

Best Practices for Carwash Site Construction 25

Preparing a Business Plan

Developing a Team 30

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