Preparing your wash to stay open at this time

  • 21 Apr 2020 11:47 AM
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    CCA National Office (Administrator)

    It is important to ensure you are following the correct protocols and steps if your wash, or part of your wash, is able to remain open at this time, should you receive a visit from a by-law officer and to ensure the safety of your costumers and staff.

    Please find below some information and tips on preparing your wash to remain open and steps you should take to ensure you are remaining safe:

    • Automate as much as possible to ensure there is no contact
    • Close lobbies and public washrooms
    • Have managers post their email addresses or contact information on the door for any inquiries
    • Keep as few staff as possible on duty at a time and ensure they can stay 6 feet apart
    • Instruct customers to stay in their car with the windows up
    • Ensure staff has the proper safety equipment to wear  - cloves, masks
    • Clean pay stations with hospital grade disinfectant after every customer that has to touch the screen and ensure this cleaning is logged for proof
    • Have spray painted markings on the pavement to remind the staff to keep their distance from the customers vehicles
    • Keep a record of all protocols you are taking, in the case that you are visited by a by-law officer in your region - In this document it should spell out the importance of having operating car washes in addition to the steps you've taken to ensure that both workers and customers are effectively protected throughout the process
    • Provide your employees with a letter they can carry on then - sample attached here
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