Preparing your Car Wash Long Term Shut down - Information Provided by: Mondo Products Limited

  • 25 Mar 2020 3:52 PM
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    CCA National Office (Administrator)

    Author: Jeff Beam, Mondo Products Limited, Canadian Carwash Association (CCA) National Board Member -


    • Turn furnace/ building heat down to energy efficient level. Do not turn off in case of freezing!
    • Turn off master electrical control for equipment
    • Lubricate and lock all door locks.
    • If possible turn off main water line to prevent any potential flooding
    • Hose down floor and trenches removing any sand build up that could harden while closed.
    • If entrance and exit pads are heated consider turning them off or down while closed depending on weather patterns in your region.


    • Turn off power to air compressor. Drain tank of air and water
    • Grease all available bearings on equipment to push any water out preventing potential rust while idle
    • Drain water from any arch applications that are normally kept full by check valves
    • If using Hydrominders to dilute chemicals turn off water supply and drain mixing tank. If there is a screened pick up or check valve in tank take the time to wipe any debris or residue off screen to prevent clogging of screen or valve.
    • Ensure all chemical supplies are sealed tightly to prevent evaporation.
    • Post this list in a visible location to aid in startup when re-opening

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